28 Feb 2017

The Past Couple of Months: 10 Great Tracks We Missed

Hi friends, it's me, your friend Cal. I've been super busy with uni work and Simpsons Hit and Run since the new year, so posts have been a bit thin on the ground. To overcompensate in a way that isn't actually all that interesting, I thought I'd give ya a quick round up of all the stuff I've not been bothered to write about... Fill your boots, yer at yer A'ntie's. It's not all as bleak as Rag and Fucking Bone Man, I promise.

21 Feb 2017

Oliver Wilde / Post-Frenz Container Buzz (album review)

Oliver Wilde is an artist that finds himself in somewhat of an unusual position ahead of his latest release. Despite having shared two albums and an extended EP thus far, Post-Frenz Container Buzz represents the first time the 27-year-old has had an audience to consider whilst writing an album, having produced the majority of his previous work years before they were put out by his label. Furthering Wilde’s unconventional career path, a life-threatening heart condition has prevented the Bristolian from ever consistently touring, with his show in London late last year ending a two year absence from the capital. Its fair to say things have been far from textbook.

12 Feb 2017

Dean Garcia: An Interview

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Dean Garcia is among the most prescient names the come outta alternative music over the past 25 years. Making his name in the band Curve in the early nineties, real dream-pop pioneers; shoegazing ethereality, with genuinely brilliant experimental dance and hip-hop elements. Since the band's dissolution, he's worked on a number of projects along a similar vane; Headcase, SPC ECO and most recently S T F U, his project with Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives. I spoke to Dean about a number of things, from recent ventures to Mick Jagger's tinfoil windows.

10 Feb 2017

On Melt Dunes' Fearsome New Single 'Flesh'

Premiere: Melt Dunes - Flesh
The most dangerous sounding live band in the country, Melt Dunes' satanic guitar freakouts sound like the meeting of the abyss and the void. Their new single, Flesh, has arrived and uncompromisingly set a precedent for 2017 as the year for apocalyptic aggro-psych.