10 Feb 2017

On Melt Dunes' Fearsome New Single 'Flesh'

Premiere: Melt Dunes - Flesh
The most dangerous sounding live band in the country, Melt Dunes' satanic guitar freakouts sound like the meeting of the abyss and the void. Their new single, Flesh, has arrived and uncompromisingly set a precedent for 2017 as the year for apocalyptic aggro-psych.

The chimes of a dark audience greet you into the cripplingly oblique neverworld of Melt Dunes, before the band's two guitarists greet you with an occultist wall of noise, invasive to the extreme. Every second of Flesh's six minute runtime teams with urgency: cosmic organs, punchy, whirring guitars, and a command of dynamics allow Melt Dunes to really make the darkest guitar driven noise you'll ever here. In fact, listening to it, you half expect satan to rise from the floorboards and buy your soul.

The most exciting live band in the country (probably) now have some studio material to back it up, and now's the time to assemble and listen to it as loudly as humanly possible.


Flesh is out via Strong Island Recordings, Feb 17th

(Words: Cal Cashin)