6 Mar 2017

Kieran Pedder: Truck Festival 2017 Exclusive

An unlikely addition to the Truck Festival line-up poster this year is regular dude/total fuckin' babe Kieran Pedder. Just why exactly is a mystery to most. I got the low down from Pedder about how a bit of online fun may just turn into the best, if most bizarre, musical moment of the year.

Hi there Pedder. How did this whole thing start?
It started last October when I tweeted the festival asking if I could do a DJ set this year. It seemed like they enjoyed replying for a while and a couple of people thought it was funny.

What can we expect when your time comes?
Anthems, pug t-shirts and maybe some confetti.

What is it about Truck Festival you love so much?
It's just the best place in the world isn't it? It should not be possible for me to be on the same line-up as a band that headlined Reading in 2015. 

Besides yours, whose sets do you recommend people go and see?
Well, Libertines, Vaccines and Wombats obviously. And then the likes of The Magic Gang, Superfood and Dead Pretties. I think the line-up is really strong this year.

Kieran Pedder may or may not DJ at Truck Festival this year, we can't quite tell whether this is a massive piss take or actual genuine real life just yet. Truck takes place in Oxfordshire from July 21st - 23rd. Read our 20 reasons why it'll be the best weekend of the summer.

(Words: Alex Cabré)