17 Mar 2017

PREMIERE | The Depraved New Video For Weird Sex's Stonking 'Mummy's Little Solider'

London quartet Weird Sex are a noisy bunch. On their debut release, a split EP with Broken Soundtracks that contains 8 tracks of maniacal scorched earth garage rock, their sound sees rough and ready garage rock meet blaring confrontational feedback, which atop is the depraved sneer of frontman Joey Ackland. Everything you need and more from a garage rock band, their music sounds genuinely dangerous, while they have a live show to match.

To accompany that comes a video for lead track Mummy's Little Soldier. Maybe the most confrontational of all the EP's tracks, it's accompanied by a video that matches its thundering intensity and emanating sense of danger. A video resembling a Halloween special of Nathan Barley accompanies the depraved noise, making it the EP's strongest track alongside the Butthole Surfers-like noise assault of Please Come Home, the raucous Trevor, and the warped waltz of Never Get Old.

The EP is available now...

(Words: Cal Cashin)