19 Apr 2017

BALL - Heavy Swedish Psych Occultism

The brainchild of Swedish rock 'n' roll enigma S. Yrék Ball, BALL are a hard rocking brown acid psych band that combine insane musicality with depraved howling and a self described occultism. With their new song Speeding,  they up the back breaking insanity of their music, as well as announce a record for release later this year.

Vocals are a depraved bark, gunslinging guitars alternate between obnoxiously technical hard rock soloing and evil-tinged psychedelic noodling, making for an intense psychedelic cocktail that could summon satan himself. Indeed, the track breaks down with a satanic voice croaking: "Come down and join us, come down and join us down here, I wish you would", before the track's handed a new lease of life in a I Am the Resurrection style return to life. Obviously Speeding is better than I Am the Resurrection, though.

A seriously tantalising proposition, it's rare some self described 'hard rock' arrives in my inbox that I actually love, but this is guttural brilliance, and every bit as filthy as it claims to be.

(Words: Cal Cashin)