15 Apr 2017

Blaenavon - That's Your Lot (album review)

The Hampshire based three piece have been creating a buzz for quite a while, and their debut album That's Your Lot is magical. The twelve track journey contains the early singles Orthodox Man and My Bark Is Your Bite, along with a version of Prague differentiating from the early KOSO EP. Ben Gregory sings vocals and plays the guitar, and his poetic lyrics are a collection of imagery and feelings which could stand alone as beautiful poems.

The bands debut album opens with the calm and ethereal Take Care, where the melodic guitar lines and punctuated drum fills break up the weird and haunting imagery throughout the song.
Orthodox Man is ghostly, with a catchy and upbeat chorus falling and rising. My Bark is Your Bite is instantly recognisable afterwards, with the ringing guitar kicking the song into action and letting the agitated flowing of the verse pave its way.

The love ballad of Let Me See What Happens next is a short interlude, a chance to appreciate the vulnerability of raw, honest lyrics. The whole album is soft and fluid; much of it is instrumental, as well as minimal and haunting at points. Prague '99 is contrasting to this, the song builds up in angst and frustration, spilling over in a final scream.

Listening to That's Your Lot made me appreciate and basically fall in love with Blaenavon, the beautiful lyrics, intricate structures and confidence in what they are doing make them one of the most exciting bands around.


(Words: Valentina Winship)