28 Apr 2017

Californian Light: Childhood's New Single Sees Them Come Of Age

Ethereal noisemakers Childhood are back, and dreamier than ever. If the name doesn’t ring any bells, the London-based quintet were first catapulted into relevance when they supported the godfather of jangle Johnny Marr on his 2014 tour. Since then, their triumphant debut album Lacuna (and subsequent collaborations) ensured that they’d never stray too far from the spotlight. After some time away to re-group and evolve, the outfit have returned with this tremulous ode to South London.

Whilst the track possesses the same dreamlike air of their 2014 debut, it’s now a lot cleaner, more refined: led by a dazzling drumbeat rhythm and vocal that harks back to the glory days of soul, it’s clear that the group have harnessed a plethora of influences in the development of a new psych-meets-motown persona. And it truly does work - along with the maturing of their sound, the accompanying video hints towards a dramatic re-brand from uncertain indie-fuzz roots, demonstrating a group that know not only who they are, but where they’re going.

(Words: Emily Ingram)