16 Apr 2017

Eat Yrself Fitter! A Playlist of The Fall For Beginners

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People often ask me; "Cal Cashin, you're a music journalist; who do you think the greatest band of all time is?" The answer, something I'll share here for the purpose of contriving an introduction to this piece, is obvious. The answer to this is The Fall.

John Doran, editor of the Quietus once said: "There are only a few things that separate us from the rest of the animal kingdom... the most important of these attributes, is an appreciation of the music of The Fall. This means if you do not listen to such albums as Hex Enduction Hour, This Nation's Saving Grace and The Unutterable you are worse than savage. The solution to what ails us is clear -- be less beastly, listen to The Fall."

As per, the man is right. But sometimes my love of The Fall goes contested. Replies have included;
1. "They're not THAT good, surely?"
2. "It's just a drunk man shouting nonsense, isn't it?"
3. "I can't get into them, where do I start?"

But come hither friends, here's a playlist that should completely solve answer 3, and show up anyone whose default Fall opinion is 1 or 2. Three or four hours of essential Mark E Smith, listen below and fall properly in love with The Fall as all of us superior beings have done...

(Words: Cal Cashin)