13 Apr 2017

Husky Loops - Husky Loops (EP review)

Husky Loops' take on hard-rocking post-punk is refreshing, their debut EP is testament to the fact that the more diverse your influences the more you'll be able to bring to your music. There's all the trademarks of rock and post-punk as we know it; Jah-Wobbling basslines tight and high up in the mix, piercing guitar tones from all over the sonic field, and lyrics of darkness and the nature of the human condition. That's undeniable. But the crossrhythms of the drums, the bass motifs that wander, and some of frontman Danio's guitar absurdisms make this far more interesting. In short, with their debut EP, Husky Loops have made something so astronomically better than all the Joy Div and New Order copyists, and have already poised themselves as an exceptionally exciting propositions.

4 tracks of clanging guitar music, there's stuff to make you feel all kinds of everything all over this release. The bass-grooves of Dead and Tempo are more than easy to stamp your feet and dance to, whilst at the same time screeching, fiddling and thrashing guitars give it a much more visceral feel. The Man feels dramatic, film noire with its piano inclusions, Danio's voice sounding especially tender, before swirling textural mastery comes into play with flickers of reverbed-up guitars and more musically affecting piano lines.

The blend of the interesting, the experimental (avant-garde would be a stretch), with the hard-rocking conventions of confrontational guitar music are what makes this band fantastic. On Tempo, the danceable bassline gives solid basis for this; PiL-like at first, it gives platform first for an amazing, angular guitar lick that sounds like an intergalactic communication, before a whirlwind breakdown gives the song its brutal catharsis. The jumpy rhythm section of Fighting Myself does this too, as caterwauling and howling guitars thrust you straight to the edge of your seat, giving Danio's tender outsider lyrics the perfect platform.

Testament to the fact you should always take influence from more than just bands of your genre, Husky Loops are an Italian import of the highest variety. The band are now London based students who've made this on the side of their studies. However, if this EP and the chaos of their live shows is anything to go by, they're going to be a serious prospect ready to take the world of guitar music by force.


(Words: Cal Cashin)