24 Apr 2017

Las Cobras: Uruguay's Next Big Psychedelic Export

Hi friends, for those of us that don't know, I spent pretty much all of the month of March slaving away over THIS; Echo Chamber, a magazine which me and a bunch of friends put together. Among the stars are Las Cobras, an upcoming band from Uruguay that channel small-town frustration into druggy psychedelic escapism. You should read it (pages 20-25), because there's a good interview with them, alongside a pretty amazing photoshoot.

Formed around the duo (who are also a couple) of Leandro and Sofia, Las Cobras are prepping for their debut album Temporal, which is bound to be one of the year's best psych releases. In preparation, they've just released a new track, So Much Love. More chaotic, more of a hypnagogic catharsis than what we've previously heard, it revolves around a satanic groove and hazy battle-cry vocals. Space-console beeps flicker in the background as the basslines protrudes the whole way through.

With their first album on the way next month, there's not really been any better time to get into Las Cobras and their mystic psychedelic strut.

(Words: Cal Cashin)