15 Apr 2017

Lost Classic Album of the Week #1 | Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope

WHAT? Stonking, skronking garage rock with a hazy, twilight zone feel to it.

MORE DETAILS? 1969, Puerto Rican five piece making some of the era's most futuristic sounds.

CAN I THINK OF A FUN FACT OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD? The original vinyl copies of this are worth THOUSANDS. There was only 500 pressed and it's notorious as piss.

FOR FANS OF... The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Electric Prunes, anything vaguely psychedelic, or even vaguely good...

Kaleidoscope are a fearless band of stomping pioneers, probably responsible for the best non-Velvet Underground garage rock album of the whole entire sixties. A five piece from Puerto Rico via Mexico, their music has a mystical quality as the distorted guitars and a biblically huge organ are played with such furore that it reaches a dizzying frenzy unheard in the western world til a few years after the band’s dissolution, whilst fuzzy psych tones give it a dreamy hazy quality not unlike The Electric Prunes’ Too Much To Dream. Tracks like Colours and Let Me Try are highlights from the whole 60s garage rock movement, as the band occupy a liminal realm through the entire runtime that makes every song sound like a 3am visitation, blending haziness with good ol’ psychotic rock and roll to make for some of the most amazing and original music of the whole decade.

Find out more via this super insighful 2011 interview with Francisco Tirado, the band's frontman and bass.

(Words: Cal Cashin, originally appeared here)