21 Apr 2017

Lost Classic Album of the Week #2 | Litmus - You Are Here

WHAT? A full throttle space-rock attack on the senses, interstellar nihilism

MORE DETAILS: London band, their 2004 debut album.

FOR FANS OF: King Gizz, Follakzoid, Hawkwind, Syd's Pink Floyd

Jagged astral voyagers, Litmus’ sound is about as cosmic and as unforgiving as they get. On their debut album, 2004’s You Are Here, the London sextet deliver something well and truly out of this world. It spans an hour, a great, transportative hour, but the first minute tells you all you need to know. R2D2 bleeps aimless cry out for help during the first 20, 30 seconds, before a searching baseline scouts it out; what is it you ask? Well it is the scorching interstellar guitar squeals of Litmus, the cosmic vibrations that’ll be plaguing your ears as soon as you read this if you have any sense. Infinity Drive kicks the album into hyperspace from where it never returns. Technically insane guitar work meets space rock tones to propel this track into a higher realm of consciousness, and the rest of the album elaborates on this perfectly. From the title track’s twisted rabbit-hole cosmic folk, to the technicolour fizz of celestial floater Inductor, right through to the gargantuan closer Stone Oscillator, this album is the perfect space rock record. Obviously coming along decades later than the inception of the genre, this is the endnote on space-rock; if you could show 60s Syd Barrett one record from the future it’d be this one, and it holds up eternally well. The pinnacle of space travel via music? My friends, You Are Here.

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(Words: Cal Cashin)