22 Apr 2017

The Veldt's new double A-side Symmetry/Slow Grind reviewed

Ride and Slowdive are releasing their first albums for 20 years over the next couple of months, so as is seemingly recently par for the course, hype around a shoegaze revival is tangible. Alongside the big-hitting English names of the genre, the revival has paved way for under-appreciated American anomalies The Veldt to return all guns blazing. In fact, a few months ago we were lucky enough to interview them, but in the present, they're releasing new music.

The double A-side Symmetry and Slow Grind is arriving in a couple of days time, and it shows just why their revival was a necessary one, because The Veldt were certainly under-appreciated in their time. Both songs continue where The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur EP left off last year; sophisticated beats meet dreamy, and ambient guitar tones, which provide the perfect bedding for Chavis' rich vocals. Spanning over nearly 14 minutes of celestial bliss, this single reaffirms the beauty we all knew The Veldt always had.

(Words: Cal Cashin)