4 May 2017

Introducing Starcrawler, Rough Trade's Newest Signing

There are only a handful of record labels whose signing announcements are always worth paying attention to, and there might not be any of the size of Rough Trade that have such a high success rate. So when the London label announces a new band it's always my prerogative to listen to them straight away. Following their signing of Goat Girl last year, who I instantly fell in love with, they've today announced the next band on their roster will be LA garage rock troupe Starcrawler.

Musically, on their debut single Ants, they sound like a modern rehash of the psychobilly sound that The Cramps popularised, mixed with heavy rocking riffs and a refreshing sense of urgency. Sounding almost like a rockabilly track being sucked into hell, their chopping guitar riffs and the howling delivery of frontwoman Arrow de Wilde also give it a demonic Sabbath-tainted classic metal sound.

Starcrawler's retro rock 'n' roll debut is only 112 seconds long, but it's catchiness and immediate thrills hint at a lot of potential for this band. It'll be interesting to see where they go, so in essence, take from this blog post that Starcrawler are a band you need to keep your eyes on. Their debut single comes out next week.

(Words: Cal Cashin)