9 May 2017

Let's Talk Some Connan Mockasin

There are so many artists in this day and age which don’t get adequate publicity which they deserve. Discover Weekly on Spotify enlightened me to the ethereal Connan Mockasin, who has reignited the psychedelic pop scene.  He’s originally from New Zealand but moved to England in 2006; but with little success he moved back home.

He then released Forever Dolphin Love, in which he encapsulates the psychedelic influences he grew up with including the likes of Hendrix and Prince; this release enabled him to gain the attention from those such as Radiohead and Beach House. Now to get to my gritty appraisal of this gem! His follow up album Caramel is the definition of dreamy shoegaze bliss. The title itself Caramel captures the essence of him; silky, smooth and sweet.

His tracks ooze moonlit dreams, tranquilising any listener. His melodic and mellow tones parallel those such as Syd Barrett, highlighting his mis-matched and wafty lyrics. My personal fave being Do I make you feel shy? The title of this track engages a listener; it’s a luscious song with a satiny and plush voice which is the undertone to his fluffy songs. I find it hard to understand why his hasn’t gained popular attention; he is inventive whilst rekindling psychedelic pop with the modern world.  If you ever feel the need to engage with euphoric senses, listen to him and I assure you, you won’t be able to escape his soft selling hooks.

(Words: Mais Amos)