4 May 2017

MADONNATRON! Music To Soundtrack A (Good) Modern Day Wicker Man

Right, imagine a Wicker Man remake. But a good one. One without Nick Cage. Maybe with Daniel Day Lewis or Idris Elba as the protagonist. Got that image in your head? Well, Madonnatron's music is the soundtrack to that film. Announcing their debut album yesterday, with the track Headless Children, Madonnatron are part of the South London scene that has birthed us everyone from the Fat Whites, to Meatraffle, through to Shame and Goat Girl recently.

Witchy vocal harmonies meet thudding organ-driven nightmare rock; haunting mystical vocals entwine with the animalistic wiccan howls of the backing vocals to make for something that sounds truly bewitching. Throughout the songs duration, this darkly shamanic group create a mood of unease and dysphoria as the songs winds on and on throughout the darkest realms. The singer's caterwauling, muddy basslines and this almost shrill organ drone are a constant, as the song all but confirms Madonnatron are gonna release a reyt good album of the year contender next month.

(Words: Cal Cashin)