3 May 2017

Mushy or Garden? A Chat With Power Pop Trio Peaness

Melodically rich power-pop, Peaness have every ingredient necessary to be the 'next big thing': infectious guitar hooks, gorgeous harmonies, and above all, the fact that they sound like they're having fun during every second of every song. With one of the most amusing, if ill-advised, names in music, we caught up with the band before they both headline London's Thousand Island (fka Upstairs At The Garage) and release their next EP Are You Sure?

Hiya Peaness, can I ask who you are and what do you play in the band?
Rach: “I'm Rach and I play drums”
Jess: “I'm Jess, I sing and play bass guitar. We also have lovely Balla who also sings and plays electric guitar.”

Can you tell me a bit about the beginnings of the band? How did you all meet?
Rach: “We all met at the University here in Chester. We used to practice in my old uni bedroom whilst I was in my 3rd year. It was a terrace house so everyone who lived on the street heard our very first songs!”

You’ve just released a new song, Same Place: what can you tell me about it?
Jess: “I went over to Balla's house one afternoon and we starting playing around with some chords and stuff. Lyrically the inspiration is pretty self-explanatory: ‘Same place, different time’ is referring to leaving our University days and entering real adulthood here in Chester.”

What about its video?
Rach: “The video was a bit of a laugh, our friend Tom at Twin Moon put it together with Jess. They did such a good job with it, especially the part with the seagull sat on my hi hat stand, so funny.”
Jess: “My hair caused a nightmare during editing however! Don't have blue/green hair when filming a green screen video!”

And what can we expect from your forthcoming EP? 
Rach: “You'll have to buy it and find out OH WHAT”

Where do you get your inspiration for songwriting from?
Rach: “Our inspiration comes from loads of different things- Oh George was inspired by George Osborne being in the news loads at the time and his horrible Tory face annoying us.”
Jess: “Ugly Veg was inspired by food waste and how fast our planet is dying. Same Place about living in the same town for years.”

Seeing as you've got a song about George Osbourne, you say you’re a political band? 
Rach: “I wouldn't say we're a political band, but I think it’s good to write songs about things that affect us.”
Jess: “We're pretty awake with regards to current affairs.”

Do you consider Peaness a DIY band? 
Rach: “Yeah I'd say we are, that’s where our roots will always be, we love the DIY scene and doing things for ourselves.”

What’s the band’s Pea of Choice: mushy or garden?
Rach: “Garden mate, unless you're referring to the Tim Clapp Mushy Peas song, then mushy.”
Jess: “I like pea soup.”

What are you listening to at the moment?
Rach: “I'm listening to Paramore's new song as I write this now! Can’t wait for their new album.”
Jess: “I just heard the new Phoenix song. Hopefully it's a grower.”

What are you most proud of from your time in the band so far?
Rach: “Oh mannnn there’s so much, we did a live set for BBC Radio Wales at Focus Wales last year, which was absolutely mental for us. One of my favourite gigs we've played. When we got played on the Radcliffe and Maconie show on 6 Music we were all sweating with joy as well haha.”
Jess: “I was freaking out when we got played on Racliffe and Maconie! Another thing that popped up recently was that our first Manchester show was a year ago in Feb, and in Feb this year we headlined and sold out the same venue. Pretty crazy.”

Finally, what are your aspirations for the band? 
Rach: “Just to keep having a boss time with it all and keep writing songs we enjoy playing. A cheeky tour wouldn't go amiss either!”

(Words: Cal Cashin)