3 May 2017

Sam Gellaitry - Escapism III (EP review)

The latest EP from Scottish producer Sam Gellaitry is his most dynamic project to date. Now signed to XL Recordings Sam Gellaitry gained 100,000 followers on souncloud via self-releasing tracks, but make no mistake he is no generic trap producer.

This EP opens on the blissful string lines of the first single Jungle Waters which sound like they are from a classic musical. I do wonder how Gellaitry pulled this track off so well its slick futurist drumbeat shouldn’t fit over these gorgeous strings, but it works a treat. This track seamlessly leads into Ceremony which is the driving track of this EP it’s high influence from Rustie and Hudson Mohawke and the production on this track is second to none probably one of the most energetic songs you’ll hear this year.

The track Acres is scattered with beautiful horn notes which are complimented by the piano and high pitched vocal samples, while the closing track is another surprise on the project it has a Jazz flavour and sounds incredibly eventful for a song under 4 minutes.


(Words: Aimee Armstrong)