26 Jun 2017

And Ariel Pink Returns!

LA based singer, songwriter and insanely talented multi-instrumentalist Ariel Pink has finally made a return to the scene after his 2014 solo album Pom Pom; Pink  is set to release his new solo album “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson’’ in the latter parts of this year. Pink dropped his new track Another Weekend; and, oh my, what an epic return. His bubblegum pop style is continued with a funky and psychedelic bassline as well as his notorious woozy and hazy voice.  His voice echoes the obscure sounds of 1970s and 1980s, alongside evident traces of one of his fave bands The Cure. Pink has always been a favourite of mine, from his album Mature Themes, including his unbelievably wonderful track ‘only in my dreams’ which moves any listener to what seems to be an idyllic fairy land;  an extremely outlandish statement.  His last album ‘Pom Pom’ was again another example of his interpretation of Hypnagogic pop.  After popular success in the shoegaze scene, it is often cited to be hard to make a comeback, but “another weekend” is teasing his following, enticing and intriguing his clan. This mind numbingly maverick is coaxing us all back into to his wonderfully weird, eccentric cosmos.

(Words: Mais Amos)