21 Jun 2017

Enter the woozy garage rock stylings of L.A. Witch

L.A. Witch are a three piece from the city of Los Angeles, but as I'm reliably informed by the press release, do not partake in any kind of witchcraft. Which is kinda disappointing. But they're a fantastic trio that have a woozy garage rock sound that'll instantly thrill fans of the BJM, Willie Nelson and PJ Harvey alike. Far from the gold paved streets of Hollywood, L.A. Witch's music festers in a much murkier realm, a darker, more twisted realm. Sounding more like something brewed in William Burroughs' basement than  the glam commodity fetishism L.A. has become a beacon for, the band's raucous garage sound pummels into the void, whilst getting up its momentum in an impassioned burst of rockabilly momentum with a tambourine stomp in tow.

On their latest track, Untitled, a teaser for their self titled album due out later this year, L.A. Witch fulfil on all promise that they're one of the next great American guitar bands. Frontwoman Sade Sanchez's vocals sound like the mutant child of PJ Harvey and Hope Sandoval, sounding raucous and arid as they give the band's sound a velvety coating. Maintaining a stomp all the way through, Untitled is the best thing the band have released to this date, and poises them to be a seriously exciting prospect over the coming months. Might I add that this is literally perfect for days like today, where the heat is an unbearable burden preventing any significant movement.

(Words: Cal Cashin)