9 Jun 2017

Into Beach House's World... Chariot

This dream pop band has released a new single called Chariot last month. The band which began in 2004, I see as being the catalyst what far shoegaze is all about today. Their previous albums Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars were so dreamy and mystical, I didn’t believe they could get better. There is a common consensus, that dream pop and shoegaze is all a bit dim and depressing, but in fact this is the complete opposite (well most of it). This music leaves you stroking your hair and face and feeling a bit fragile (in a good way tho) - exactly what Beach House have achieved.  The lyrics of this track merge into one another, the soft and luxurious voice of Victoria Legrand hides under the surface, allowing the melodies of Alex Scally to seep through, transcending the listener. In a time of stress, Beach House is the perfect band to invite your ears to; they relax and calm your senses. If the quality of this track is mirrored within the upcoming album then ooo its gonna be good. It's the kinda tune which you would’ve slow danced to in an 80s disco, really.


(Words: Maisie Amos)