30 Jun 2017

South London's Peeping Drexels release their depraved debut "Kiss Me In My Greasy Bed"

Peeping Drexels self describe as "sloppy beats and sleazy melodies from South-London scum", but don't let that lull you into thinking you've heard it all before, and that they're not worth your time. Well, you might have heard it all before, but they're definitely worth your time. Of that scene - you know, Goat Girl, Shame, Happy Meal, etc - they're the first band to truly sound anywhere near as skin crawlingly filthy as the Fat White Family or Meatraffle, whose creepy, crawly existence has seemingly inspired this frankly amazing wave of bands in and around South London (and generally beyond, but let's not let location get in the way of saying everything's from the 'South London Scene').

On their debut single Kiss Me In My Greasy Bed, the band's explicitly scuzzy lyrics rise to the top of the mix, simplistic and brutish in their sleaziness. But alongside the on the nose lyricism is a cacophony of noise, brought on by an ostentatious drum stomp and a punchy organ sound. Dissonance is key to the sound of Peeping Drexels, and meandering, messy guitars that slither around a tight rhythm section give them their sound, a noise you'd place somewhere between the southern rockabilly punk of the Gun Club and the obnoxious underground rock brutalism of the Butthole Surfers. It's easy to dismiss them as yet another South London Band That Sound Like The Fat Whites (after all, I did hear them for the first time this week at Brixton Windmill), but when they're this fucking good, who the fuck cares? Not me, and neither should you.

(Words: Cal Cashin)