22 Jun 2017

Strange Cages - The Cracks (EP review)

Strange Cages might be, in fact probably are, the best musical thing occurring in Brighton at the moment. A garage rock trio that hark back to the most savage end of sixties psych garage, their reptilian rock 'n' roll is Earth shatteringly good, a tour de force of snotty guitar music that shakes you right to the core. The Cracks EP is their best release to date, and does an extremely good job of capturing their scintillating live shows on record.

Frontman Charlie McConnochie's snarl is a feature of the EP that persists through, the organ led Catharsis sees a booming voice meet an organ melody straight off of Nuggets, whilst Lavasurf Lovesong sees a stomping drum pattern meet an electric lick of keys that recalls the Modern Lovers and The Black Angels. Later on, his voice booms even louder as the band clatter through the stomping Leader of a Cult, as the band reach the record's staggering climax.

A short burst of garage rock perfection, Strange Cages are a band rapidly on the rise, taking all the right elements from the history of savage garage rock and hammering them out in a tight pop form. This is a great second EP by a band who will surely have the world at their feet very soon.


(Words: Cal Cashin)