31 Jul 2017

Crow Cries: Just In Case You Needed Proof Goat Girl Are -The One-

The hype garnered by Goat Girl off the back of their first single Country Sleaze/Scum was nothing but well deserved; here we had a London band who seemingly had everything from there very first single. A singer with a voice that can cut through sheets of metal, guitar lines that recall The Fall and The Fat Whites in their sleazy fervour, and a rhythm section that's just about as good as it gets.

Whilst this second single does come not much less than a year after the first one, it's not as though the band have been hibernating. Sell out shows across London, alongside support slots with The Moonlandingz, Girl Band and The Fall have meant that their reputation as a live band is well cemented; and rightly so, their live performances are electric, boozy experiences that start with the band's own distinct intensity that doesn't let up for the whole duration.

Goat Girl last week - I'm late to this, but I've been working a lot, forgive me - put out their second single Crow Cries last week. A 2 minute blitz that forces everything you could ever want or need into 120 seconds; stomping, STOMPING drums, Birthday Party guitar licks, and chanted vocals that sound more like a hex than a song.

A stellar, more minimal b-side accompanies it, Mighty Despair. This single is not just evidence that Goat Girl might be the band we've been waiting for, this tells us what we already know; even early on in their career, Goat Girl are one of the best and most exciting guitar bands the country's produced this decade. Catch 'em live cheap while ya can.

(Words: Cal Cashin)