24 Jul 2017

Introducing Anna Tosh...

London's Anna Tosh is an artist who's had a career in many bands; Wildhood, Love Nor Money, Hey Gravity and Shotgun Venus to name a few; but 2017 sees her jet off in the direction that is entirely of her own creative vision. On her debut single Weightless, what we have is gritty, metronomic rock, her cutting voice atop a lightning tight musical backdrop makes for something that sounds constantly on edge during the verses, constantly creating a taut and uneasy atmosphere before the sugar sweet catharsis of the choruses offer a breather.

Anna Tosh has a voice that can offer up sweet melodies and then warp them into something sinister and dark, and the chants of "take my bones to the bottom of the sea" give it a forbidding tension. Just one track out at the moment, Anna Tosh is one woman to keep an eye out for.

(Words: Cal Cashin)