5 Jul 2017

Joshua Jones/Scarecrow Boat - Fresh Prince of Nowhere (Split EP review)

A collaboration between two Southampton artists, Fresh Prince of Nowhere is a split EP arriving hot off the press. Dreamt upon between tourmates Joshua Jones and Dominic James (of Soton emo troupe Scarecrow Boat), it's a mixture of Jones' own stream of consciousness spoken word (delivered in a thick Welsh accent) and the caustic, reflective acoustic songs of James, as well as the EP's best moment, which is the title track and a collaboration between the two.

The first two tracks come from the Scarecrow Boat singer, Han Solo and Loved. The former's a slow moving, emotionally enthralling acoustic reflection, whilst the latter entwines self doubting tropes with a much more upbeat and rich melody.

Joshua Jones' three spoken word tracks are utterly charming, starting with 8 years, my personal favourite; it's a poem that covers themes of growing up, the loss of identity and the loss of innocence, I guess. Words that chime perfectly with anyone coming home from uni and finding out that you're not sure what home is anymore, it's told in Jones' thick Llanelli accent and is insanely moving.

Fresh Prince of Nowhere mixes Scarecrow Boat's American Football-esque sound with Jones' words, coming at you thick and fast with increasing intensity; "you'll never amount to anything but insecurity and debt", he rasps, on the most impassioned moment of what is a very passionate EP.


Buy the EP here, seriously, all proceeds go to MH charity MIND so it's for a good cause. 

(Photo Creds: Chloe Brehaut Photography)
(Words: Cal Cashin)