31 Jul 2017

Lend your ears to the Goa Express' rambunctious new double A-side

They sear and they surge, they pulse and they throb, the lysergic licks of The Goa Express' new double A-side flash and erupt like a psychedelic thunderstorm lighting up a puce night sky. GOA is but a fleeting 100 seconds, yet the havoc it wreaks across your whole body as it forces its way through your bones is electrifying; more a full scale Exorcist-style possession than a listening experience. 

These roaring, fizzing guitars are met by a frantic organ that powers the songs through like the heartbeat of a man that has just run miles to escape an all consuming forest fire. On both GOA and Kiss Me, this organ rallies amidst a thoroughfare of guitars; the former, it's a non-stop gnostic vibration, and the latter it subsides for an angular groove that emerges from a LOOP-style Spacemen 3-type thundergroove.

This sound does hark back to the sixties, in truth; to the mind-melding boredom that was overcome by the first wave of Nuggets-wielding Deep South psych bands that turned smalltown apathy into narcotic, psychedelic garage scronk; but this sound - that has existed since Kaleidoscope, since The Standells - is mutated by the Goa Express into something will still leave an exasperated contemporary audience gasping for breath. 

Here we have a band that make garage rock so fantastic, so electric, that just listening to them makes you wanna quit your job, drop out of college, and spend the rest of your days as Roky Erickson. 

Hear Kiss Me and GOA on their soundcloud, here

(Words: Cal Cashin)