6 Aug 2017

Introducing... FUSS, Liverpool's next big psychedelic export

Meet FUSS, a new-ish band that formed back in that crazy year of 2016 who make wonderful psychedelic-space rock meets shoegaze and hail from Liverpool - the home, of course, to that really famous band who are the greatest of all time.

FUSS have recently dropped their brand-new single, Coma off of their debut EP, which is a spectacular, cosmic roar. It’s four and a half minutes of stunning, kaleidoscopic psychedelia soaked in glorious reverb drenched guitars and vocals.

FUSS play the excellent looking Liverpool Psych Fest in September which features the likes of The Black Angels, Songhoy Blues, Loop and many-many more but it looks like the hometown heroes could well be one of the gems of the festival come the end of PZYK.

If you dig The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, The Warlocks etc (which I imagine you do if you venture on to this site) then get on board and see what the FUSS is about (sorry, not sorry) because they might well be one of your new favourite psych bands.

(Words: Brad Sked)