1 Aug 2017

Ulrika Spacek - Modern English Decoration (album review)

London based Ulrika Spacek are making a dynamic move into the world of shoegaze. After releasing their debut The Album Paranoia in early 2016, they are back with an ultra-melodic and fuzzy affair of an album.

 The album begins with Mimi Pretend which sets the tone of the entire album, a ghosted and airy tune. The track slowly builds, enticing and building a listener with a simple guitar riff, to synthesisers and the intertwined magnetic fusion of drums, followed by the rich and imperfect vocals of Rhys Edwards. There is an evident influence of the likes of Sonic Youth due to the undertone of warming vocals against a soft melody.

The experimental nature is continued throughout the album, a droned voice with a euphoric aurora is consistent. The creative unit have managed to put together distorted but perfectly brilliant cyclical album with tracks that just ooze of the album which seem like they might disintegrate off the record. If you’re a fan of effortless and woozy vocals alongside the synthesis of  seamless instruments then Ulrika Spacek are your guys.


(Words: Mais Amos)