5 Sep 2017

Go Chi Minh - Lusty Taste for Noise (EP review)

Photo: Justin Drew

Go Chi Minh are a freakoid rock 'n' roll quartet from the outer reaches of South London, whose reptilian sleaze rock oozes with all the depravity and fucked-in-the-'ed hilarity you could ever ask for. Their new EP, A Lusty Taste For Noise strings you along for a wild ride, the band like a tour guide cackling madly to himself as you pass the monuments. Swampy garage rock guitars saunter, drum machines tick, synthesisers glitch, and vocals holler, mutter and ritualistically tut-tut.

All Cheerleaders Have Piles riffs off a spidery guitar line, whilst creepy backing vocals cheer the letters to 'piles', all whilst some modular synth white noise patchily paints the sonic landscape mauve. An English Boy Grows Up features this pummeling brown acid krautabilly groove, and Hits From The Brits combines a guttural snarl with guitar-driven deluge. 

The whole EP's a stellar record, a lo fi opus, a full blown freak out, a garage rock wig out that laughs at its own jokes. Of the bands frequenting the bars of South London, Go Chi Minh are one of the ones it's most essential you listen to. Put your headphones in, close yer eyes, and get your appetite whet for a Lusty Taste For Noise.

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(Words: Cal Cashin)