22 Oct 2017

King Krule - The OOZ (album review)

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2013’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon is a minimalistic sonic depiction of the darkened streets of South London. The project is a less eroded version of the demo quality material previously performed under his Zoo Kid guise. Although presenting some innovative guitar work and interesting fusion with alternative R&B, ultimately the album came off as tediously mellow. In fact with the exception of the tracks A Lizard State and Easy Easy, the record plods along at the pace of a garden snail.

A New Place 2 Drown is King Krule’s venture into lo-fi hip hop. Released simply under the name “Archy Marshall” the synthetic instrumentation does more to compliment the groans and growls he spits over the beats creating the essence of a steamy hotboxed teenage bedroom.
It’s easy to dismiss Marshall as quite loathsome, the trite stereotypical stoner attitude he presents makes the eyes roll. Marshall turned down the opportunity to work with Kanye West recently simply stating he “couldn't be bothered”. This summarises the persona he presents and it often bleeds into his musical output.

20 Oct 2017

RIP Dead Pretties. They Were Good, Them

Before committing their true potential as one of South London's best live groups to a record that captured their ferocious energy, Dead Pretties have announced their split.
Photo: Holly Whittaker

19 Oct 2017

Greetings From Los Bitchos!

Admittedly I’m getting quite pretentious in my tastes as of late where I’m actively seeking out music from across the world spanning across the decades and Peruvian cumbia has been dominating a bit of my listening habits lately. To my joy, Los Bitchos currently residing in London have seemingly come out of nowhere and helped satisfy my cravings for new sounds.

18 Oct 2017

"Lacklustre, Lazy, Pseudo-Intellectual Garbage" - Our St Vincent Live Report

In 1984, Big Brother was always watching you. In 2017, in the same kind of omnipresent way, St. Vincent’s latest endeavour MASSEDUCTION has ensured her back end is plastered ubiquitously from every tube stop in London Town to the four corners of the internet. Luckily as a fan of Annie Clarke I’m unfazed by the MASSATURATION of her new found aesthetic.

Chilean psych you're after? Meet Vuelveteloca

Vuelveteloca are titans of the Chilean psych scene, heavyweights whose confidence and self assurance seeks through the pores of the dreamworld they create with their motorik psychedelic rhythms. In preparation for their fifth album Sonora, they present us with Cientologia & Altiplano; an eight minute song on which they combine searing Sabbathian riffs with motorik looping drums that rhythmically shroud everything they do in a kind of ever-momentous interzone, something that stretches out into the distance eternally.

[Enter Mystic Peach]

Firstly in case of any confusion and possible anxiety, Mystic Peach aren’t an anthropomorphic fruit practicing mysticism but instead a new psychedelic outfit who are the latest to emerge from the ever emerging Hampshire psychedelic scene along with their contemporaries such as Melt Dunes, Is Bliss, Drug Store Romeos, Barbudo and Dead Rabbits.

The Definitive Rank: Cal Cashin Orders The Fall Albums

"Good evening. We are The Fall and I am Roman Totale and these are my sidekicks. I will lead you on to new visions of proletariat posterity. This is a story." - Mark E Smith, live at the Rainbow in London, 1980.

Friends, peers, countrymen; the day is upon us. The day where, I Cal Cashin, your friend and savant ranks the 34 albums (including Slates, and Bingo Masters Break Out) of The mighty Fall. Not many bands have this many albums, and none have this many that are undeniably brilliant. From their scratchy early days, through their mid-80s pop renaissance and their surprisingly excellent latter period, no one can ever agree on what the band's best work is. Most people prompt for early 80s. Those people are right. However, discussion about just which albums are best never ceases to cease. To end all discussion, to have the final say, I present you the Definitive Rank.

16 Oct 2017

BIG BAD INTERVIEW: Madonnatron discuss Voodoo, Pregnancy and South London

Madonnatron are culpable for one of the year's best albums, their self titled debut. Their sound meets somewhere between the ethereal and dreamy, and the intimidating and terrifying, something which gives added kudos to their already incredible band name. However, the road to their debut wasn't plain sailing, and if you add that to the fact that their press release opens with a line like "by their own admission Madonnatron couldn't play their instruments when they formed", it's perhaps baffling that this album is such a brilliant thing.

I had a lengthy conversation with the group to find out just to what extent they channel the supernatural, and let them speak of the hardships that befell the making of their debut.

Incoming: Melt Dunes' Second Single is the Gnostic Nightmare You've Been Waiting For

You may well have heard of Melt Dunes if you keep up with Vapour Trail Blog. It’s fair to say we’re big fans of the outfit originally from Southampton and now based just down the road in Portsmouth who make some of the most cerebral sounding psychedelic-rock out there.

9 Oct 2017

Time to discover... The Birthday Party

If we're friends, or if you're a reader of this blog, or a good person with a good heart and an eye for a lyric, I'll assume that you're a fan of Nick Cave. The bard of the underworld, the Aussie wordsmith is certainly up there as one of the great lyricists, if not the greatest. No one can spin a narrative like Cave, no one can put together an eschewed bittersweet love song like the man, and very few people can channel animalistic depravity via the medium of the English language quite like he can.

At the moment, I'm in my usual state of being in a massive Nick Cave phase, but as opposed to the usual Bad Seeds binge what is catching my imagination is the work of his first proper band, The Birthday Party. Whilst they're far from an unearthed treasure, their music is a fair bit less accessible than the Bad Seeds' and whilst this means their music is of no less merit inherently, it can be heard for people who've discovered Nick Cave and fallen in love to bridge the gap. I know it certainly took me some time. So here, as unpatronising as can be, I'll talk you through a handful of essential Birthday Party releases.

Where do we start? Right here; The Birthday Party are an Australian entity which existed from 1978 to 1983; at their peak, they were the narcotic coalition of Nick Cave, wirey axe-man Rowland S. Howard (whom I wrote a lengthy piece on, the focal point being the film noire world of his two solo albums, which you can read here), rhythm guitarist Mick Harvey, drummer Phill Calvert, and their bassist, the moustache-bearing cowboy hat-wearing Tracy Pew, who may well be music's most intimidating man.

Their swampy sound was a druggy, furious catharsis, a demented release of so much energy that the band could not have existed more than a handful of years. Lyrics were grizzly, gristly, and showcased a deranged kind of sexuality, and were delivered in such a vicious manner that even Cave's live intensity now (or anytime over the last 30 years) is unrecognisably mellowed out from his Birthday Party peak. The rhythm section was brutal; Pew and Calvert created a sound that was more of a force of nature than a thunderstorm, and Howard guitars screamed in pain and wailed in agony atop it.

Iglooghost - NEŌ WAX BLOOM (album review)

“Flying Lotus kept sneaking through my garden and eating my garbage at exactly 2:32 AM every night, so I threatened him with a switchblade and he offered me a record deal right then and there on a parchment made of goatskin. I had to sign in the blood of a hooven beast which he actually had the nerve to make me find myself. After all the gruesome logistics were sorted out, I made this stupid ass album and now it’s coming out “ – Iglooghost in an interview with Passion of the Weiss 2017

It’s a Saturday night, the majority of London’s dance depraved self-righteous IDM fans are either stroking their chin surrounded by ecstasy pinging 20 somethings or trawling through YouTube looking for rare Boards of Canada demos. Not me however, I’m neither of these things, I’m asleep and I’m having the most bizarre dream. I’m loitering with friends in a neighbour’s garden when I’m startled by pounding gun shots... I look up to see my university librarian holding an air rifle. I hop over the fence to my own garden, at this point my friends have completely vanished. I slip down the alley at the side of my house towards the front garden. However I’m confronted by none other than Chelsea winger Eden Hazard holding a taser I immediately swivel and make my way back into my house and lock the door. The empty feeling which comes with true fear swarms my body completely as the armed man shatters the glass door frame. I reach for a yellow bottle of bleach with unscrew the lid and throw it towards his face, but somehow miss from point blank range. It’s at this moment somewhat of a cliché in dreams I wake up.