18 Oct 2017

Chilean psych you're after? Meet Vuelveteloca

Vuelveteloca are titans of the Chilean psych scene, heavyweights whose confidence and self assurance seeks through the pores of the dreamworld they create with their motorik psychedelic rhythms. In preparation for their fifth album Sonora, they present us with Cientologia & Altiplano; an eight minute song on which they combine searing Sabbathian riffs with motorik looping drums that rhythmically shroud everything they do in a kind of ever-momentous interzone, something that stretches out into the distance eternally.

Oh, it's definitely, defiantly wanky, but with scorching riffs that, flitting between high and low mix, burrow themselves deep in your subconsciousness. The group say:

'This is a song about the desert and life on other planets. It’s also about the crazy idea of Scientology (or 'Cientologia'), that a science fiction creature from space came to Earth and now rich people adore it, building temples and engaging in secretive, almost cult worship. We thought, “What would that creature from another planet think if it were to supposedly to arrive now? What if it arrived in the Chilean desert, the Altiplano?'" 

Certainly an earthen psychedelic treasure, Vuelveteloca prove that all eyes should be eternally on Chile for new, whirring, fuzzing psychedelia that is instantly transportative to the listener. All eyes. On Chile.

(Words: Cal Cashin)