28 Nov 2017

A meeting of the minds: Cal Cashin vs Raven

Hello, Cal Cashin here. Everybody knows the best TV programme of their youth was Raven. If your Year 2 playtime didn't consist of you recreating the Way Of The Warrior, what did it consist of? From his eternal catchphrase of "Let the Challenge Begin", to his raven's head staff, the Celtic bird spirit of Raven is the most iconic figure of all of our pasts.

I interviewed James Mackenzie, aka Raven himself, for a uni project that shan't ever see the light of day, so in order for my interview to see the light of day I thought to publish it here. Let the interview begin.

PREMIERE | The dreamy, lusty new Love Company Single

The Love Company are a London based hypnagogic pop group, forged by the singular vision of lead singer and guitarist Ryan Tennant. New single Heaven Is A Place I Call Your Arms arrives to you exclusively through Vapour Trail, a misty eyed love song as sexy as it is romantic, as raunchy as it is pretty.

13 Nov 2017

The new Peeping Drexels tune is on repeat in The Vapour Trail Office

Peeping Drexels are a South London group responsible for some of the coolest visual art and most effortless country garage tunes this side of the river. Their second cumming is The Goof, a higgledy piggledy rockabilly that teems with youthful energy and lyrics most sinister.

Teenage venom seeps through the pores of The Goofs angular groove, whilst words are barked like a rabid mutt that feels no shame in goofing. The sleazy malignancy that haunts their first record mangles with a rural country twang, making for one anthem for the disenfranchised youth.