21 Dec 2017

EDITORIAL: Cal Cashin's 2017 Review

Seasons greetings readers! On a night like this, who should be here to guide you through a year of music, books or films than me, Cal Cashin? It's been a strange year for the world, but it's seemed just  a tad less bleak than 2016 did. No David Bowie left to do the dying, huh?

All the end of year reviews, you know the ones, have talked at length about the political situation this year, and went on to describe how the music released somehow made that all okay. I guess to an extent it must have, because Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. did feel like a bigger cultural event than the election, and Ed Sheeran's Glastonbury performance was more upsetting than any Brexit talk. But ultimately comparing the two is futile, and no amount of good music can outweigh the ensuing political shitstorm.

That said, no political shitstorm can take away the good music, good films, or good books, unless said political shitstorm chooses to burn them in the streets. Which feels likely. Anyhow, before what was supposed to be a concise intro to a post on The Arts turns into an essay about everything else. Here is what I loved in 2017.

19 Dec 2017

We review... King Krule's homecoming

Archy, the peoples South London boy is back in a big way. Rarely playing UK concerts, and often announcing them with no more than an instagram post on the morning of the show. To little surprise it has taken me 5 years to see the elusive musician, who has gone under a multitude of different aliases; Pimp The Shrimp, Edgar The Beatmaker, Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, Archy Marshall; and finally after years in awaiting I caught my break to see the innovator at a gig in his hometown of London at his two night sold out show at KOKO.

14 Dec 2017

Tune in, we're going live tonight

People of London, people of Southampton, people of everywhere else. I have the most grand of announcements for you to sink your teeth into. Ready to hear it? Ready to sink your teeth in deep?

Well, me (that is your editor, Cal Cashin) and Aimee (that is your deputy editor, who doesn't actually edit anything but writes a lot of the stuff you've read) are pleased to unveil the Vapour Trail radio hour. Coming to you via BlueJay radio,  we'll be playing tunes old and new, obscure and not so obscure, that you'll be able to have a jig to in your kitchen.

How do I listen? First, you can download the BlueJay app, sign up and search "vapourtrailblog" to find us. For best listening we recommend this. But also keep an eye on Twitter, or Facebook, where we'll tweet links to a webplayer. Expect pummelling techno from famous photographers, dark psychedelia from our hometown, and snotty garage rock tunes from the void of Middle America.

7pm, BlueJay, be there or be ⃣

5 Dec 2017

The 37 Best Songs of the Year

Hello friends, the albums of the year came out on Sunday. Vapour Trail has an illustrious history of really trying with albums of the year and not trying so much with songs. This year, we carry on in that vain.  Below is a list of the 37 songs we enjoyed the most this year. I'm gonna assume you've heard them all, but if not I think you should correct that.

3 Dec 2017


Hello friends, on top of the morning to you. It is I, Cal Cashin. I have been alive for the whole year, and whilst I was breathing, eating, and shitting, some music came out. Lots of the publications out there are releasing their end of year lists now. Some of them are good. Some of them are not. This is the best one and you should listen to every single album on it.

1 Dec 2017

Rising from the depths of London's underground comes... Headcut

Halloween has been and gone but nonetheless rising from the depths of London’s underground comes Headcut the moniker of Holly Mullineaux a London-based artist by the way of Portsmouth inspired by seventies goth and post-punk.

Introducing... Olden Yolk

Purveyors of psychedelic greatness, Trouble In Mind Records seemingly cannot do any wrong with their output. With releases from the likes of Mikal Cronin, Jacco Gardner, Doug Tuttle, Morgan Delt, Night Beats and countless others, the Chicago imprint have just announced that the excellent ‘Olden Yolk’ have joined their super-heavyweight roster.