1 Dec 2017

Rising from the depths of London's underground comes... Headcut

Halloween has been and gone but nonetheless rising from the depths of London’s underground comes Headcut the moniker of Holly Mullineaux a London-based artist by the way of Portsmouth inspired by seventies goth and post-punk.

Produced by Max Goulding of London noise-fiends Bo Gritz who also lends his drumwork, Headcut’s first piece of material on this internet thing pays homage to goth-rock legends Siouxoie and The Banshees and Joy Division as well as modern-day art-rock quartet Warpaint with a brooding, disco-fuelled, goth banger. It’s murky, magnificent gloom perfect for these rain-soaked evenings that we’re going to have to endure for the next few months.

With only one recording so far we’re looking forward to seeing if 2018 gives us anymore offerings of Headcut as well as some live dates so we can witness this beautiful cacophony in person.

(Words: Brad Sked)