14 Dec 2017

Tune in, we're going live tonight

People of London, people of Southampton, people of everywhere else. I have the most grand of announcements for you to sink your teeth into. Ready to hear it? Ready to sink your teeth in deep?

Well, me (that is your editor, Cal Cashin) and Aimee (that is your deputy editor, who doesn't actually edit anything but writes a lot of the stuff you've read) are pleased to unveil the Vapour Trail radio hour. Coming to you via BlueJay radio,  we'll be playing tunes old and new, obscure and not so obscure, that you'll be able to have a jig to in your kitchen.

How do I listen? First, you can download the BlueJay app, sign up and search "vapourtrailblog" to find us. For best listening we recommend this. But also keep an eye on Twitter, or Facebook, where we'll tweet links to a webplayer. Expect pummelling techno from famous photographers, dark psychedelia from our hometown, and snotty garage rock tunes from the void of Middle America.

7pm, BlueJay, be there or be ⃣