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You might know our li'l blog Vapour Trail well. We've been shouting loud and proud since '14, and covered tonnes of great artists. But allow me, that is Cal, to introduce you to the menagerie that is Vapour Trail. I've run and edited Vapour Trail since its June 2014 inception, with some editorial help from Alex Cabré (who's still with us) and Poppy Marriott (who isn't, not that she's dead). We aim to cover all kinds of music we love. Interesting music. Challenging music. Passionate music (acoustic guitar bearing white guys to a minimum though). Simple music. Dreamy music. Music to lose yourself to. No focus on genre necessary, we love all kinds of noise. All kinds of noise. Plain...

After a quiet spell in early 2017, what with the world falling apart a bit too much for us to churn out posts and a busy spell at uni, we're aiming once more to be the greatest small blog on the internet. Want to get involved as a writer of words, or even be featured as a bearer of music? Contact details below.

End anti-intellectualism in music, usher in artists with new ideas, do all you can to rid landfill indie from the kingdom. Vapour Trail is here to champion new bands and shed light on great old ones, and do so in a way that is as enthusiastic as it is poetic. 

All the best, your editor, and humble narrator...

Cal Cashin (@calcashin_)

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